Oaks RV Park
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Oaks RV Welcome
Come visit us year 'round -
Home of Summer Shade & Winter Sun
Views around The Oaks RV Park
Oaks Oaks Oaks
There are no world problems after a camp meeting. Overview of The Oaks from above Mineral Creek. Mineral Creek across the road from The Oaks.
Yes, we have been a working ranch for generations and still are.
Oaks Oaks Oaks
Gathering Branding the small ones. Branding the big ones.
Wildlife surrounds us.
Oaks Oaks Oaks
Big horn sheep visit the
Catwalk National Recreation Area
just around the corner from
The Oaks RV Park.
Sandhill Cranes share the backyard. Mule Deer pop up anywhere.
Oaks Oaks Oaks
Let's play hide & seek. Javelina (collared Peccary) taking a sunset stroll.

Acorn Woodpeckers hide acorns in the Oak Trees.

Oaks Oaks Oaks
Roadrunner on patrol. Gambel's Quail - Looks like a good place for supper. Oriole - Now let's see, this is a bird feeder and I am a bird so ...