Oaks RV Park
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Maps & What to Do at The Oaks
How do I get to The Oaks RV Park 1 Mile East of US 180 at Alma, NM on Mineral Creek Road. Approximate GPS Elevation 4965 ft GPS Coordinates
33 22.864 N
108 53.010W

Google Map
Hunting Hunters Welcome
- Good Hunting within 3 miles of the park.
Public Lands Info Center Maps
NM Wildlife Web Site
NM Wildlife Area 16b Map
Off Highway Treks & Trails Surrounded by thousands of acres of public lands The Oaks is a superb jumping off place to off highway adventures. Whether hiking, riding horses or bicycles, driving UTVs or ATVs, the world of the Gila is at your feet. Gila National Forest Map (pdf)
Geronimo Trail National Scenic Byway
The Catwalk National Recreation Trail Just over the hill from the park at Glenwood, NM is a recreation trail for everyone. It has a beautiful handicap walkway from which you will see beautiful Whitewater Creek, numerous birds and wild life including possibly the illusive Desert Big Horn Sheep. The Catwalk National Rec. Trail
National Forest Information Site
Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument A great day trip South from the park. National Park Service Web Information
Birding The Oaks RV Park is home to many species of birds.
Cranes in the back yard are great site in the winter. Several varieties of Dove, Juncos, Wood Peckers, Ravens, Crows, Hawks, and many others are regulars in and around the park.
(Go to the local photos in the Photography Section for a sample.)
In the nearby Gila National Forest approximately 337 bird species have been sighted.
166 species are known to breed on the forest,
114 are more-or-less regular non-breeders, and 57 are considered to be casual or accidental.
The numerous species of birds found is largely related to the diverse ecological habitat found on the Gila and location on a migratory flight path.
Information on Birding in the Gila
Gila Forest Bird Check List
New Mexico Birding
Ghost Towns Although our home town of Alma is classified as a ghost town, we assure you that Alma and its residents are alive and well. Cooney is a real ghost town just up Mineral Creek from the park. Nearby Mogollon is well known as a ghost town and is also quite lively. Locate Ghost Towns in Catron County
Photography Wildlife, limitless trails, Ancient & Western History, and spectacular views provide an awesome panorama of photographic opportunities. Gila National Forest Photos
Scenic Photo Albums by The Oaks RV Park Residents
Tractor Pulls An old fashioned activity with a new twist. Classic tractors from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s as well as garden tractors, mini-rods and full size modified tractors pull for distance and bragging rights. This is an open competition where anyone who meets the safety requirements is welcome to enter.

Photos of some of 2008 tractor pull activities.

Everyone is looking forward to July, 2009 Pull at the Oaks.
More information will be available later - stay tuned.

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